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Properly undoing a step (Sugarcube)

I'm working on setting up one of those little status pages in the sidebar in my game, so you can click and go check your stats, but I'm having a little issue where if you hit back to go onto the page you were on from the status page, any sets/checks/etc. on that page run again, so, basically, rather than stepping back, I'm stepping forward to the previous page.

Currently trying to set up a <<click>> to run... Whatever it is that would step back to the previous page as using the "back" button on the web browser, I tried <<back>> because I thought I read somewhere that that was a thing, but clicking on the <<click>> with a <<back>> in it doesn't do anything. (and <<return>> and <<Back>> throw errors so I know the click part IS working). I know about previous(), but that does re-run any coding on the page you return to so it's no good. Any help?


  • You don't need a <<click>> macro if you are using either <<back>> or <<return>> as both of those macros will create their own markup link.

    eg. using the <<back>> macro:
    These are your stats:
  • Oh, huh, let me check that then... Wow, okay, so the ultimate problem is I overthought it and thought I had to do way more than actually needed to, resulting in things breaking. Thank you for your prompt assistance.
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