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How to alternate between left and right text align on Sugarcube

This should be easy, but for some reason it's not.

I'm using Sugarcube 1. I have a passage where the lines appear at different intervals, using <timedcontinue>. I cannot for the life of me get some of these lines to align right without losing the fade-in effect for all subsequent lines.

If I wrap them in special <p> or <div> styles, the fade-in is lost, even if I add "-webkit-transition: opacity 400ms ease-in;" to these styles in the stylesheet or the style subsection of the passage.

@text-align:right;sometex@@ doesn't align right. <span style="text-align: right;"> doesn't work. <br style="text-align: right;"> doesn't work.


  • OK, solved it. You gotta put your <<timedinsert>> tags *inside* your <p> or <div> tags. Messy business.
  • This sounds like a bug, could you supply an example of the offending code that did not work for TheMadExile to look at?

    Could you also state exactly which version of SugarCube 1 you are using, and which web-browser / operating system (brand, version, 32/64bit) you were testing on.
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