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Print Either, then only print that.

Hey folks. using sugarcane I think. Twine 1.4.2
I know how to get a passage to print either (A, B, C or D). but is it possible to make it ONLY print that from then on?
"I am the (Mushroom / Potato) King". Prints 'mushroom'. From then on, it will only print that one.

I have contemplated variables for this, but there are going to be hundreds of these! (Idle chatter between off-screen characters that would be cool to recall later)


  • Variables are what you use when you want the story to remember something, and in your case you want the story to remember which item in a list was shown to the reader.
    <<set $kingType to either("Mushroom", "Potato")>>
    I am the <<print $kingType>> King
  • I was hoping there was another answer :( There are about ten stages and each stage has five separate variations of things she could say... damned oracles!

    Thanks for the help though. can't shoot the messenger
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