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Sugarcube 1, Broken Passage Link, Why and How Do I Fix It?

As far as I can tell the code for the links looks fine in the passage and the passages that the links lead to open up fine, so I have no idea what is the problem. Attached, I have an image of the passage itself, what the passage looks like in play (notice the strange squares with arrows next to the links), the white screen that appears when the links are clicked, and then an image of one of the passages the links should be leading to which opens fine on its own.


  • The main issue with your Markup Links is that you have a invalid space character between the '->' operator and the Target Passage Name, this causes Twine 2's Auto Create Passage feature to create a new Passage with a leading space character in the Passage Name, which in turn leads to the issue of SugarCube not being able to find the Target Passage.
    [[Good Markup Link with no invalid space character->Target Passage Name]]
    [[Bad Markup Link with invalid space character-> Target Passage Name]]
    ... to fix your problem remove the invalid space character from the Markup Links and also from the start of each of the target Passage's name.

    A secondary issue is the forward slash in the Target Passage Name.
  • As noted by greyelf, unless your passage names actually start with a space, you should remove it from the passage link in the markup.

    The other issue, also noted by greyelf, is that putting a slash within the link component makes the parser think that the link is an external one, rather than an internal passage link.
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