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I can't upload my HTML File. Could anyone help me out please!? This is worth 20% of my grade!!!

I am using the desktop version of Twine on a Dell Xps 13, the browser I am using is Microsoft Edge. I am unable to upload the file to or share it through email or anything!


  • Try the following steps in Twine 2:

    1. Open your story project in Edge.

    2. Open the menu in bottom left corner and select the Publish to File option.

    3. Select the Open Folder button in the finished downloading message dialog that appears at bottom of web-browser window. This will open an instance of File Explorer with your new story HTML file highlighted, the HTML file's name will be similar to your story project name.

    4. Share the story HTML file with others or upload it to

    5. Repeat the first four steps the next time you need to create a new version of your story HTML file, especially after you make any changes to the story project.
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