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Need to display a location & progress map in Harlowe

edited December 2015 in Help! with 2.0
This started as a 'choose your own adventure' for 2 little girls, but has mutated into a game.

Part 1 is in the palace (represented by an on-screen table of rooms and gardens).
They have to find and use certain things in order to leave the palace in a carriage and explore the countryside.
To avoid the necessity of an on-line connection I am using Base64 for graphics (pictures of people/rooms/artefacts), so they are embedded in the HTML.

Part 2: But once outside the palace I would like to be able to represent a map of the area and the players location in it, displayable by clicking a link perhaps.
And on the logic side, I expect a 2-D array.
Any ideas on doing this would be greatly appreciated.
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