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Recover an Un-archived Game

I closed my story down without archiving it and when I went to open it again I lost all my most recent work. I know it's saved on browser local storage, but I'm not sure how to find it. I haven't touched my cookies or deleted any history. Is there a way to recover what I've lost?

I have a downloaded Twine 2.0.8 on Windows 7. I believe it's 64-bit.


  • If you are using a release of Twine 2.0.8 that you downloaded and installed then that application does not store the Story Projects within local storage, it stores them on your local hard-drive.
    To see the folder in which the application saves the Story Projects you need to first run the application, then select the Twine menu items, followed by the Show Library menu item. This should open an instance of the Windows File Explorer at the Story Project folder.
  • Thank you, yes it's downloaded and installed. When I try to Show Library, however, it gives me an error saying there's not enough memory to run the program. It also displays a path to a twine story folder that's incorrect.

    I'll go there manually through the file folders, but unfortunately, it's only my old saves.
  • Unfortunately it sounds like you may of lost your work, which is strange because the Twine application is meant to automatically save any changes to your current story project.
    If you look at the details of the files within the story project folder using File Explorer is the latest file date before the last time your edited a story project?
  • Yeah, you're right. I've lost my work. But I mean, I guess I've learned an important lesson. Always archive. Always. :P Good news is I've written up what I lost again.

    Mhmm, they were all old files. I only lost about three hours worth.

    Thank you for your help, Greyelf.
  • Archiving is an execlent way to backup your work.

    One other way to preserve the most recent version of a story project is to use the Publish to File option to create a story HTML file, as you can re-create a story project from this type of HTML file.

    warning: Just remember to never save any story HTML file you create within the same folder as your story project files, as this can cause you to destroy the story project file.
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