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German Translation of Twine 2 Client

Hi! Guten Tag!
I just created a draft of a german translation for twine 2.

First of all, am I the first person who has done sth. like this? There are no attempts so far?

Some open questions and TODOs:
  • Proofread, i just hacked it down once.
  • Rethink some crucial names of the general domain like (Story and Story Format ..., Geschichte und Format der Geschichte??, Absatz, Auszug, Link) . I think it's important to find a fitting and unambiguous solution here for further reuse in documentations and tutorials.
  • "Du" or "Sie", the general tone of twine seems to be "Du".
  • Translate Internal errors. I tend to leave them untranslated, as it is easier to google them and for developers to find and understand them.
Any thoughts on that?
Anybody interested in proofreading it?
I can provide a running testversion, if you like.

Feel free to contact me here or via twitter: @ztiromoritz (in en and de)

Bye bye! Alles Gute!


  • Ich helfe dir gerne. Die deutsche IF-Szene ist manchmal etwas arg "traditionell", wie ich finde, und ignoriert deshalb Twine konsequent, scheint's. Wie kann ich helfen? (Ich habe mir den Link angekuckt, bin aber für die Anweisungen zu doof...) (Ich selbst verwende Twine 1.)
  • How is this project going on?
  • Geralt wrote: »
    How is this project going on?
    I'm not sure if it resulted from ztiromitz's project, but the current Twine 2.0.11 provides German as a language option.

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