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Twine keeps freezing

Hey fellas,

I'm new to twine. Just downloaded it yesterday and I love it!

However, it keeps freezing for me. It usually happens when I fiddle with one of the menus or try to edit a "paragraph". When it happens I can still interact with the bar up-top (Twine / Exit) but Twine does not respond. The "paragrahps" don't respond nor does the menu at the bottom. I can't Quit the program so the only way is to kill it. Which wouldn't be a BIG deal, however when I End Task through Task Manager one of the 4 Twine processes still remains there. The bad thing is that when I kill the process and try to start Twine again, nothing happens. Four processes appear but no Twine. The only way to fix it is to restart the PC.

Any idea on how to fix that? Or at least avoid the PC restart?




  • Some information that may help the developers work out what is wrong:

    a. Which operating system are using? (brand, version, 32/64bit)
    b. If it is Windows then which edition? (home, professional, etc...)
    c. How much memory does your PC have?
    d. Which Story Format are you using?

    btw: the "paragraph" thing you edit is known as a Passage
  • a) W7 64b Home Premium
    c) 8GB
    d) default

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