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Using Footer in Harlowe 2

Is there a way, using the footer tag, to give a unique number assignment to every passage?

I have so many passages now my testers and I are having trouble communicating which passage everyone is talking about.

I thought I'd use a footer to give each passage a number but I can't figure out how to give the same number to each passage every time and also increase the number automatically for each passage.

Is there a way to do this?



  • Maybe there's a way to have twine display the number value it already assigns to each passage? It has to know each passage by number or something right?
  • Twine has nothing to do with the internal id's a story format assigns a Passage when the story HTML file is being view with a web-browser, assuming that the story format is not using the Passage's name to identify a passage internally.

    Harlowe allows an Author to access the name of the current passage being shown via the name property of the dataset returned by the (passage: ) macro
    The current passage's name is (print: (passage:)'s name)
    ... so you could use that within a footer tagged passage.

    Ideally for testing purposes you would want to use a debug-header or debug-footer tagged passage, as these only appear when using Twine 2's Test option.
    Although after a quick look at the Harlowe source code I was not able to see a way to have these appear when viewing a story HTML file, so if that is the case then your testers would need import your story HTML into an instance of Twine 2 to be able to use the Test option themselves.
  • Awesome! Thanks for your time and help, greyelf, as always. Happy new year!
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