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Passage links don't work in a loop

Hi guys,
I'm new here and I have the following problem with my game:

I want to create passages that are kind of hubs to others. For example I want to let the player decide in a passage to rest or to move on. If he decides to rest, after a couple of other passages I want the player to go back to that hub passage and choose again to rest or to move on. Unfortunately those links are not clickable anymore, as I guess the browser notices that this decision has already been made. It won't work neither with sugarcane nor with Jonah. I've seen there is a possibility to check or uncheck this in the passage settings called "Let the player undo moves". In Jonah this would let the player click links in previous passages but it doesn't work. I also would like to put in variables, so the game counts how often you rest, to be able to go forth in a better way. I think I can program this but first I need to make sure those links are clickable again.

In short:
Can anyone help me, making links in an already played passage clickable again without losing progress the player made in the loop to get back to that hub?

Sorry, if this has already been asked. I couldn't find it in the forum.
Thanks a lot!


  • You list a number of story formats but don't state which one you are planing to use for your story, the attached TWS uses Sugarcane.

    The story uses a $restCount variable to track the number of times you select the Rest option (which is assigned a default value within the StoryInit passage), and has a single hub passage titled Hub. The example is fairly simple so it should be easy to understand but if you need help for any part of it then just ask.
  • Thanks a lot for your answer!
    Sorry for being too unspesific, but I really want to do this with the Jonah format. Is there a way too?
  • Bolleraner wrote: »
    ... with the Jonah format. Is there a way too?
    You can change the Story Format of the example TWS to Jonah and it will still work, in fact that example should work with all story formats except maybe Snowman
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