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Issue with using images

I've tried dragging images to the passages themselves, as well as the passage tree screen. The only outcome being displaying the image as though I've opened it in a new tab in a browser. If dragged to a passage, a wealth of strange characters appear, and if there's a way to somehow wrap them all into a line of code to display the image, I'm unaware of how. I've read that I can link images from websites, but most of the time spent working with Twine is done offline; so, that wouldn't really be feasible. Is there a solution that I'm overlooking or should I just bump down to 1.4.2?


  • Twine 2 does not support using drag-n-drop to embed an image into a story project, one of the technical reasons is that a story project in the on-line release of Twine 2 is restricted to the default maximum size of the Author's web-browser's local storage which is around 5-10MB.

    If you use Twine 1 and plan to have more than 30-50 MB's of images in your story project then it is generally recommended to use externally stored images so you don't run out of memory when building a story HTML file. This issue may also effect the installable release of Twine 2.
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