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How do I change the word "Restart" in the menu?

I want to translate my twine into French. But I don't see any way to edit "Restart" in the menu.


  • Because the Twine 1.x application itself does not have a Restart menu option I am going to assume you meant a Restart menu option with your story HTML file.

    You need to state which Story Format you are using when you ask a question, as answers can be different for each one.

    If you are using one of the built-in story fromats (Sugarcane, Jonah or Responsive) then you can use jQuery to modify the Restart link, do the following:

    1. Add a StorySettings special passage to your story using the Story > Special Passages > StorySettings menu items.

    2. Edit the StorySettings passage and check the Include the jQuery script library option.

    3. Add the following Javascript to your story's script tagged passage, if you don't have one then use the Story > New > Script menu items to add one.
    $('#restart').text('Try Again');
  • Thank you very much! I am using Sugarcane. Sorry for that. First post. I'll make sure to add that next time. :)
  • Strictly speaking, there's no need to install jQuery simply to alter the name of the sidebar links. If you were going to install it anyway, then no worries. Otherwise, you may be better off using native DOM methods. For example:
    document.getElementById("restart").textContent = "Recommencer";
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