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Editing twine files from more than one place

[This question is very difficult to google. Maybe no one has ever asked it.]

I am writing two stories using the offline version of Twine 2 from my [windows 8] laptop, which is heavy.

I also attend school. I would like to sometimes write my story from school, using the school's [windows 7] computers.

What's the best way to do that? Somebody please tell me the steps involved so that I do not inadvertently destroy a bunch of work.


  • You have two options:

    1. Copy the story project files found within the Twine Stories folder on one machine to the same folder on the other machine, the folder can be found by doing the following:

    a. Run the Twine 2 application
    b. Select the Twine > Show Library menu items.

    2. Use a Story Project Archive file to move your story projects between machines.

    a. Open the Twine 2 application with the most update versions of your story projects.
    b. Use the Archive option to create a Story Project Archive file, remember where you save the file.
    c. Copy the Story Project Archive file to the machine you want to work on.
    d. Open the Twine 2 application on that machine.
    e. Use the Import From File option to import the latest versions of your story projects from the Story Project Archive file.
  • If you're feeling adventurous and have time on your hands to experiment a bit so you get it right, looking into git and version control could be a lifesafer!

    (But that's an advanced option.)
  • If you do try using version control software with a hosted repository site like GitHub or Bitbucket, and you are planning to include Adult Related Content within your story/game then I suggest reading the related site's end-user ToS (or equivalent licence) because they may restrict or ban such content.
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