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Learning to code

I know this question falls a bit out of the range of the point of this forum, while occasionally dipping back in every now and then, but hopefully it fits well enough to warrant a reply. For someone that doesn't have the necessary funds to take any college courses pertaining to coding and the like, where is the ideal spot online wherein I can learn CSS? As far as I know, that's the premiere type of code used in Twine, is it not? I'm currently messing around with the simplest type of Twine game, so as to learn the basics, but would eventually like to create something much more complicated and abstract.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.


  • Hey! So I think to really master Twine, you'll probably have to focus on two things.

    1) CSS - You're right about CSS - CSS controls how the HTML (the hypertext, and eventually also embedded images and background) are styled (colour, size, alignment, and eventually you can look into CSS transformation and take a look into more advanced stuff with regards to how things are presented)

    The official (I think...) Twine 1 docs have a bit more on this specific topic, how Twine uses CSS here:

    2) Javascript - the more programmatically intensive stuff, but not that much more difficult. All the macros in Twine 1 and 2 are basically just manipulating javascript.

    Here's a page on the official Twine 1 wiki!

    If you're checking out Twine 1, this tutorial by Anna Anthropy is a good place to start - it gives examples of some CSS and javascript at the end that can help introduce you to the concepts.

    There are thousands (probably more, actually) of different CSS/HTML and Javascript courses and books and resources on Google. My advice is to just start googling for tutorials, don't worry too much about "the best way to learn", because the best way to learn is to practice, ask questions (either here for Twine related ones, or otherwise Stack Overflow can be a pretty good bet !), and then practice putting some of the CSS and Javascript things you learn into your twine game!

    So, tl;dr: CSS is for making twine look dazzling and pretty, Javascript is for adding cool things like inventories, a points system, and other neat stuff, and the internet is actually a very good place to start for learning both of those things!
  • One site I read for CSS is CSS-Tricks.

    (* CSS Zen Garden reminds me what can be done with just CSS.)
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