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How can I keep my games passages visable, throughout the whole game, so the player can scroll back u

I'm new to this, and I've been coding the stylesheet in Harlowe with CSS. When i play through the game, it only will show one passage at a time, after you click a link to another passage, it disappears and then goes to the next passage.
I want all the passages to stay visible throughout the entire game, instead of disappearing i want them to scroll up, like text messages.... so that the person playing could go back and see all the messages. How can I do that?


  • Also... I'm aware that JONAH story mode, was closer to this... but I was just wondering how to translate that to CSS.
  • The generated HTML output of a previously shown Passage is not hidden (disappeared) when you traverse from one Passage to another, it is destroyed and replaced with the generated HTML content of the current Passage which is why it would take a lot more than simply changing the CSS to make them visible again.

    This is how most of the Story Format engines work and why it is generally suggested to use Jonah if you want the effect you are looking for.

    Some people have (unsuccessfully) tried to use the header section of the screen to display the contents of all the previously seen Passages, which may work IF the passages being shown there have had at least the set macros and the markup links programatically stripped out of their contents first. The reason the set macros need to be removed is that they would be executed again to generate the HTML output so they would change the values of their related variables, which you don't want.

    As far as I know there is no Twine 2 equivalent of Jonah.
  • That makes sense. OK well I will look into using Jonah then. Thank you!
  • There's an option I personally use for having long passages with links revealing more, I use the (link: "text here") and (link-reveal: "text here") macros

    That way as you click, more of the passage is revealed

    This can get really heavy and Twine starts to lag after a while though, and I have issues using named hooks when my passages get too heavy (too much nesting), but it's worth a try if that's what you're after?
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