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Set Undo and Redo for specific passages (Harlowe)

edited January 2016 in Help! with 2.0
I have 2 sections, an Archives section and Tavern Music section, right now, I don't have Undo and Redo for those sections, as it currently removes them for all passages. Is there a way to have them within those passages?

Here's the CSS I have to change the Undo and Redo for all passages:

tw-icon.undo {
display: none;
tw-icon.redo {
display: none;


  • You could use the solution in the Basic Harlowe Passage Tag Based Styling thread to use a tag and some CSS to show the navigation buttons (undo/redo) when needed.

    1. Add a tag to all the passages in which you want the navigation buttons to appear in, the tag can be anything you like but this example will use navigate.

    2. Add CSS based on the tag name you chose to the Story Stylesheet, it will look something like the following:
    html.navigate tw-icon.undo {
    	display: block;
  • edited January 2016
    Thanks, it works =)
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