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[Harlowe] Is there anything like timed replace in Harlowe?

Basically, I used a (live:) function to reveal a link to the next page after a certain amount of seconds, but until that many seconds has passed there's only a blank space that seems to be a formatting error, which I think would lead people to think that there is no actual option to wait.

So, to make up for this I added **Not Available Yet** in the place where the link would appear in a couple of seconds. The problem, however, is that when the link appears the **Not Available Yet** is still there, right next to the link. Is there any way I can have a timed replace?

The replace function doesn't seem to want to work nicely with live, so there's no way for me to replace the **Not Available Yet** with the link, I tried.


  • Harlowe's manual includes a (replace:) macro which can be used to replace the contents of a named hook.

    So something like the following should work:
    |delayedlink>[**Not Available Yet**]
    (live: 2s)[
    	(replace: ?delayedlink)[ [[Click Here->Next Passage]]]
    note: You need to add a (stop:) macro to the end of your (live:) macro or else it will keep replacing the delayedlink hook's content over and over until the reader navigates off the current passage.
  • Thank you very much!
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