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How to add paths based on character emotions

Hi, so I've read about how to make an inventory (still having trouble making it work), but I was wondering if it could help to direct the story.
Say the Char = angry, and I want to make Char = happy or Char = furious, and those decisions could affect how the story reacts in the future. Is this possible?

Also, I didn't understand what to do with Inventory, so help?


  • You need to state which story format you are using when you ask a question, as answers can be different for each one. I am going to assume you are using the default which is Harlowe.

    You can use a variable to store the character's current emotion, you use Harlowe's (set:) macro to create and assign a value to a variable.
    (set: $charEmotion to "angry")
    You are currently feeling $charEmotion but you are unsure what is making you feel (print: $charEmotion).
    One way you could get the Reader to change the emotion is to use links within a passage, there are a number of ways to show a link but because we want to change the value of a variable when the link is clicked we will use the (link:) macro.
    You see John pull Jane's hair, how does this make you feel?
    (link: "Happy")[(set: $charEmotion to "happy")]
    (link: "Furious")[(set: $charEmotion to "furious")]
    You can use a variable to effect what is shown to the Reader
    (if: $charEmotion is "angry")[You are still angry, you must of not seen John pull Jane's hair.]
    (else-if: $charEmotion is "happy")[Why did you liked John pulling Jane's hair?]
    (else-if: $charEmotion is "furious")[John should not pull Jane's hair.]
    (else:)[You should only see this if the variable has some other value.]
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