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Weirdest Harlowe problem: printer dialog opened by a (print:) macro

edited January 2016 in Help! with 2.0
The problem is already solved, and I'm asking here to understand the cause or in case it's a bug.

Is there any reason why having this in a passage...
(print: $available)

... would open the printer dialog?

$available is a datamap similar (but 30 times longer) to this:
(set: $available to (datamap: 
	"Blackberry path", (a: "seq Forest Blackberry Slope", "seq Forest Blackberry Edge"),
	"A gentle slope", (a: "seq Forest Slope Creek", "seq Forest Slope Home", "seq Forest Slope Blackberry"))

There are other (print:) macros in the passage that don't cause this effect. Fascinating. :)


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