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Trying to customize the SugarCube sidebar

Trying to gather as much info as I can on how to make things work. I've loved working with this software thus far, and I'm hoping to finish my current story as soon as possible.

I don't need help with CSS. That (as many of you will probably agree) is the easy part.

Really, I want to know how to adjust things like the icons and the default state of the sidebar (I'd like to start with it closed rather than open). If these sorts of things aren't possible, I'll probably go back to Harlowe, as it was much simpler to make the basics work there, but I'd like to use SugarCube if it does allow for the functionality I need right out of the box.

If there is already information on this, I would love it if you linked to it, as I've googled the subject to exhaustion (though I won't discount the possibility that I'm using the wrong search terms). I appreciate any help that anyone can offer on this subject.

Note that I'm using SugarCube 2.2.0


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