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Is a title screen possible?

Is it possible to have a title screen pop up when you first start a Twine?

The thing I want to do involves having the twine html file as part of a standalone rather than opened in browser, so maybe have the exe/app/whatever handle the title bits, but I'd rather the story itself handle it.

IE you get the game's logo, start/load/about and then you transition to the game from there. Bonus points if I'd be able to like click an invisible corner button or something that triggers a cheat or debug or something.


  • You could design the first (starting) Passage in your story to do all of the above.
    a. Show the logo as a background image using CSS.
    b. Use markup links for the start/load/about option.
    c. Use a hidden (via CSS) markup link for the cheat/debug option.
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