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How do i make things that you click and bring up a popup bubble?

As in I want words that offer descriptions that show in a popup bubble that you can either click the x or outside of the bubble to get rid of and go back to the parent block. Then have a UI button that gives context actions such as go in the house, answer the phone, check your e-gadget, etc. that gives you a new screen of stuff to deal with.

I do not know what language to use here or would be best suited. There's actually several things i'm asking about that sorta link together, but if they're mutually exclusive I want to know about it now at the planning stage.


  • You could use something like SugarCube's UI API to show a dialog to show the descriptions.

    You could also use CSS Tooltips but mouse events work differently on touch screens so you may need to use Javascript to overcome the differences.
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