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Youtube Video embettet Error

I´ve embettet Youtube Videos using iframe.

I choose the link of the video in "share" "embeded". The video is shown with the titel image, however once i press play, there is an error and no video is shown.

translated into english the error is like: "An error occured, try again later".

It happens with different videos too. However, if i use the youtube video link in the browser, the very same videos work. However then, its not just the video embeted, but the full youtube site.


  • CX3CX3
    edited February 2016
    Here are some more Information (Code)

    I tried <video> as well as <iframe> as well as <embed>. In the case of video, the video stays black, no video there. in the 2 other cases the video is previed, but the error from above occures while trying to run it. And again the video plays if i use the url of the browser that shows the youtube page as a whole and the videos work.
    <video src=" autoplay width="641" height="271">
    <iframe width="420" height="315" src=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    <embed src=" width="192" height="189"></embed>

    1. Any solution to how to just embed the video?

    2. Is ther a way to cut the audio of a video at a specific point? OR let the video continue to play its audio on a new passage?
  • The solution to 1. is one of the following: deleting browser cash, restart and/or
    -> save the twine project as a .html file outside of your twine directory. Once it is fully html it works.

    To 2. i have no clue yet. Starting a Video at a specific point is easy: add #t=1m20s if you want to start it at 1 minute 20 secounds, but stopping it a certan point, or leaving it on even when a new passage starts, i do not know. ?
  • 3. The videos do not start except with user input. Stuff like &autoplay does not work in the link, neither does setting autoplay="1" or autoplay="true". Does anyone have solved the issue with playing videos?
  • It has to go on the URL for YouTube embeds. It also has to be properly formatted (see: URL @Wikipedia, take particular note of the query string syntax). TL;DR: The query string should be preceded by a question mark, while the individual key/value pairs of the query string are delimited by ampersands (or semi-colons, though their use is rare).

    For example:
    Full example:
    <iframe src=" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
    The semi-colon after the src attribute is spurious.
  • thx for answering.

    I have tried that, it did not work.

    I think i at least found the underlying problem:

    And now i link to the video thread so have only one thread regarding this issue.
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