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Making Twine Transferable

I used "publish to file" to export my story.

However when trying to start it using a browser, it stayed empty (both in opera as well in IE).

Running the story out of twine works fine even with Opera. Tryed to clear cookies, but it doesn´t help.

How can i save my project to a file and use it on different computers?


  • Did "publish to file" create an HTML file?
  • CX3CX3
    edited February 2016
    Yes, i created 4 teststorys which end on .html
    All of them stay white if i open them with a browser. Just recently i used Firefox; no story there.
  • Would you be willing to upload a copy of one of your story HTML files to a file hosting site and then post the link to it here, so that someone can have a look at it to try and determine what is wrong with it.
  • Sure. Thanks for caring. 2.html
    There everyone can request the download link to his e-mail.

    Note: If i use Twine to open it using the libery, it only shows a white html. I can only see and access the story if i use the "house"-symbol in twine.
  • CX3 wrote: »
    There everyone can request the download link to his e-mail.
    I would prefer a file hoster I did not have to give personal info like my email address to.
    CX3 wrote: »
    Note: If i use Twine to open it using the libery, it only shows a white html.
    The Story Project HTML files contained within the Twine Library folder are not standard HTML files, nor are they Story HTML files and if you open one using a web-browser they will always show a blank page.

    There are two ways to create a Story HTML file:

    a. When viewing the Stories list:
    Click on the cog icon in the top right corner of a Story Project and select the Publish to File option.

    b. When editing a Story Project:
    Click on the upwards pointing blue triangle in the lower left hand corner of the screen (or on the story name to the left of the triangle) and select the Publish to File option.

    The Story HTML file created can be opened with a web-browser.
  • hm. Strange, that what i did (b). Then i used both a and b and it didn´t work. Then i saved it to a non-twine folder and it works. And the Videos too!

    Reproduced it: ist actually seemed to have something to do with saving it in another folder then the twine/libery.
  • Maybe it was because the Twine folder is part of windows documents and the link coudn´t be resolved proberly.
  • If the "Twine folder" in question was "Stories", then that's your problem. That's where Twine keeps the story data for each of your projects. Never save a published story, or anything else for that matter, to that folder.
  • The folder accessed via the Twine > Show Library menu items is used by the Twine 2 application to store your Story Projects as files, the folder is for the application's internal use only.

    You should NOT be saving the Story HTML files you create into that folder, instead you should create your own folder somewhere on your hard-drive for that purpose.
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