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How big a story can Twine contain?

New user to Twine here, using the 1.4.2 version. I wanted to make a really sizable story - like, perhaps close to novel-length maybe? - with only a few branches in it. I saw someone mention "story memory" and I was wondering if that meant that Twine has a capacity to how much text it can hold. Which makes sense, but I wasn't sure what that limit might be. So, using some common story as a placeholder, say like the first Harry Potter book, can a Twine story hold that much text?


  • Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone is about 80,000 words - say 1MB by the time you allow for punctuation and the like. Shouldn't be a problem on a 64 bit machine. For a 32 bit it comes down to how the viewers web browser is going to handle memory available for Javascript to use.

    Worst case, you can write each chapter as a separate twine story and then link them together - there are tools around to let you transfer data (locally) from one chapter to the next.
  • I'm at 67K words and Twine 2.0.11 is holding up okay. I do notice a lot of slowdowns and quirks though; maybe it's time to split things. But it could just be my screwed-up OS.
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    stray wrote: »
    ... Twine 2.0.11 ... maybe it's time to split things...
    The Twine 2 application does not currently support the Twine 1 application's ability of splitting a Story over multiple project files.

    The slow down is generally a result of having to redraw a Passage Map with lots of boxes and more importantly lots of connection arrows between those boxes.
  • To have the possibility of splitting and using bigger source files, you could use the Twee2 compiler and work in command line. The link in the relative post on the forum is broken. Use instead. The little oddity is that you will have to install Ruby...
    For my own usage, I like Twee2 very much.
  • Thanks greyelf and Pierre, that's helpful. I will check out Twee2.
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