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Timed text insertion in Harlowe?

Hi all,

I wrote my game in Twine 1.4.2 and then imported it into 2.0 using Twine 1 compiled HTML to Twine 2 archive converter.

However, most/all my macros are dead and I'm having to change them up one by one. Almost the entire set of Macros I used were from particularly:

<<timedremove 2s>>You chop your left leg free, but it's too late.<<endtimedremove>>
<<timedinsert 2s>>You chop your left leg free, but it's too late.<<endtimedinsert>>
<<replace "You chop your left leg free, but it's too late.">>You are now doomed<<endreplace>>

* <<insert>>, <<replace>>, <<continue>> — triggered by clicking their contents.
* <<timedreplace>>, <<timedinsert>>, <<timedremove>>, <<timedcontinue>>, <<timedcycle>> — triggered by time.
* <<hoverreplace>>, <<hoverremove>> — triggered by the mouse touching their contents, only temporarily.
* <<mousereplace>>, <<mouseremove>>, <<mousecontinue>>, <<mousecycle>> — triggered by the mouse touching their contents, permanently.
* <<once>>, <<later>> — triggered by visiting the passage a certain number of times in the game session.
* <<insertion>>, <<revision>>, <<removal>>, <<cycle>> — triggered by a separate "triggering macro".

It also includes these "triggering macros":
* <<revise>>, <<revert>>, <<randomise>> — hyperlinks.
* <<mouserevise>>, <<hoverrevise>> — sections that the mouse can touch.

Q1: How do I manage <<timedinsert>> in Harlowe? And consequently, that should hopefully provide the answer to the rest of the listed options above???


Q2: Is there a way I can use Find and Replace in Twine 2.0 to fix all the destroyed work e.g. the tracking of MORALITY which I was doing across the top of passages using:

<<set $MORALITY to +=1>>

And then displaying in-text as: ''YOUR MORALITY = <<print $MORALITY>>''

OR: If I'm totally screwed on all fronts, any suggestions of how to move forward with this 345 passages deep game would be super helpful.



  • Have you thought about using the SugarCube 1.0.34 story format instead of Harlowe?
    It uses the same macro syntax as your existing story and the Downloads > Add-ons section of the SugarCube 1 website has SugarCube compatible versions of the Glorioustrainwrecks macros you are using that you can download.
  • Mostly solved, but I did want to move to Harlowe...all I'd need really is timedreplace figured out and

    <<set $MORALITY to +=1>>

    I.e. sweep through the passages somehow and set the morality variable again. Not possible?
  • edited February 2016
    RE: timedreplace
    Use the (live:) macro combined with a (replace:) macro to delay the replacing of text within the current passage. A (stop:) macro is needed or the live's event will keep triggering until the Reader navigates to another Passage.
    [Some Text]<hookname|
    Some Other Text
    (live: 2s)[
    	(replace: ?hookname)[Different Text]
    	(replace: "Some Other Text")[Other Different Text]

    RE: Incrementing $MORALITY
    The following is an exact conversion (or the nearest thing) of your example:
    (set: $MORALITY += 1)
  • THANK YOU!!!! @greyelf you're the best. I'm good to go (with some editing on hand, but no biggie).
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