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I am a newbie here - Hello! - I was wondering, how can I add pictures to a game?

sorry If I sound silly! I just don't have a scooby!


  • You need to state at least two things when asking a question:

    1. Which version of the Twine application you are using, because they have different features.

    2. Which Story Format you are using, because answers can be different for each one.

    A method that works in all of the above is to use a HTMLimg element. The following would be placed within a passage and you would change the "name-of-image-file" part of the code with the actual name (URL) of your image file.
    <img src="name-of-image-file">
    note: The image file would need to be stored in a location accessible to the Story HTML file you create via either the Build menu item or the Publish to File option depending on the version of Twine you are using.
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