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My game is finished!


Report for your shift at the Ministry of Truth where you’ll spend your workday rectifying “misprints” in newspaper articles to properly reflect the Party’s ever changing version of history and language. But be careful, Big Brother is always watching.

I want to thank everyone on this forum whose questions and posts helped me build this. I specifically want to thank TheMadExile and Greyelf for their help.


  • Love it !
    I think this is a brilliant idea, the 1984 plot + Twine providing the 'rectify' gameplay are fitting really well together :)
    Great job !

    I played it but I must admit my english vocabulary is limited and make it difficult for me to succeed 'rectifying' the news in time ^^'
  • very great !
  • I've finally managed to play this and it's absolutely amazing.
    I think you captured the "1984" mood extremely well.
  • Thank you all very much for playing! Definitely my biggest Twine project to date. Not perfect but pretty happy with it.
  • I really enjoyed it. And the best thing is that it makes me want to go back and play it again to see the outcomes and how far I can go.
  • I enjoyed this quite a bit! Good job!
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