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Twine IRC channel?

Is there a Twine IRC channel? I think a real-time chat could be pretty helpful, both in terms of answering technical questions and bouncing around ideas for stories, game mechanics, etc.


  • Now there's a name I haven't heard in a long, long time. A long time.
  • Not that I know of, but it does have a Twitter feed which can be seen on the Twine website.
  • The folks running Euphoria have offered to create a Twine room for us recently. I like this a bit better than IRC, myself, because it seems easier to get around in than IRC. (There is an interactive fiction Euphoria room that I pop into from time to time, and recommend.)

    Regardless, I think a live chat of some kind for Twine would be interesting to explore, but it would need some tending and I've been reluctant to commit the time myself. Anyone out there interested in serving as a moderator?
  • IRC is a massive blast from the past lol. Quite a few messaging programs (ICQ for one) used to use IRC for the real-time communications, and I used to use their servers for chatting to mates on ICQ while using mIRC and not having an ICQ account.

    I may be willing to volunteer as a mod for live chat (I do have previous experience having moderated an active support group on IRC between 1996-2002), but it does depend on how much time would be required and what the times are (due to timezone differences, etc). I'm fairly relaxed about stuff, but will come down hard if insults start to get traded, things get a little too heated or people start spoiling it for others.

    If there are other people up for it then I could easily commit a couple of hours several times a week if you want.
  • I wish there was an IRC forum so I could get help, because I'm unable to ask questions or start discussions. And there is no obvious "Contact a moderator" button.
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