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New game - Robbed at Gunpoint: What would you do?

Hi all,

Do take some time out to play this short reality-based text adventure about what to do when you are held up at gunpoint:

It's hosted on the biggest English language news website in Pakistan! Feedback welcome


  • This is cool. Made me think about how I would react to each of these scenarios, which I would never have done independently, so if it actually happened I would probably have done something stupid and died. I now feel more prepared for my next express kidnapping experience... so, err, yay for that. But seriously, playing this might just save someone's life.
  • I have played that "game" (or is this rather a simulation ?) with great interest, because I'm now involved in creating some IF shorts for teaching young workers how to behave in their new jobs. They have no chance to be shot down with a handgun... only fired...
    Such stories are in my mind of great interest... and perhaps one of the very few opportunities to sell IF.
  • edited June 2016
    I think I found a bug! Even if you take the criminal to the ATM without the camera, the ending screen says, "Since you had the presence of mind to take the criminals to an ATM with a CCTV camera, the young men are eventually identified and caught by the police."

    I once considered making a Twine game with this same concept. However, I quickly got bored and made a weird and fantastical version of the same scenario. My version is not even remotely educational. You can check it out here: Big City Interactive Fate Machine
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