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Thank you! This forum is so unbelievably helpful

I found Twine a few weeks ago and have been coding/writing my way through a Sugarcube quality-based narrative game in Twine 2.0 using a modified version of the Notepad++ syntax markup someone posted around here...

The code examples and advice from TheMadExile, greyelf, and others in this forum has solved pretty much every problem I've run into. I made an account just to say thanks (since mostly I lurk).

So thanks! You guys are awesome.


  • Actually I can second that motion. I've been elbow deep in my own game for about a month now, and there are so many aspects of it (pretty much everything) that I owe to the advice I've found while scouring through the forums. Every time I've hit a roadblock, I've been able to get the answer I've needed with just a little digging.
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