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Pre-made codes?

edited May 2016 in Chit-Chat
I'm new to Twine but I understand the basics pretty well. I also know quite a bit of HTML code, but actual game code? Forget it.
So here's what I'm wondering. Is there any pre-made code or "example" games out there for Twine that I'm able to edit? For example I want to make a small RPG game just so I can mess around with Twine a bit, but I can't do actual code to save my life. Is there a generic RPG Twine game out there that will let me take it and tweak it and make my own thing out of it?

I'm not looking for tutorials on code for Twine, I've already looked at a few good ones but the entire coding process just confuses me, and I honestly have no interest in learning more than the basics.

I hope that makes sense! Thanks!


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