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How to continue to next page multiple times - Harlequin


Is there a way to make the link look the same just "Continue" and still have it go to a different page
Continue page 1
Continue page 2
Continue page 3


  • I don't know of a Story Format named Harlequin, you may mean Harlowe.

    The standard Twine (1.x or 2.x) Markup Link comes in two basic types:

    1. The Link Text is the same as the Target Passage Name/Title:

    2. The Link Text is different to the Target Passage Name/Title.
    [[Continue|page 1]]
    [[Continue|page 2]]
    [[Continue|page 3]]
    [[Continue->page 1]]
    [[Continue->page 2]]
    [[Continue->page 3]]
    [[page 1<-Continue]]
    [[page 2<-Continue]]
    [[page 3<-Continue]]
  • So you are saying there is no way to mask the link with just continue but have it go to a different page?

    <a href="page 1">Continue</a>
    <a href="page 2">Continue</a>
    <a href="page 3">Continue</a>

  • Oh the symbols in the code is the method I'm asking for.
    I'm not I'm Twine at the moment so I can't test it.

    page 1
    page 2
    page 3

    Will show up as just Continue but go to those different pages
  • Thanks
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