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Remove Option for Saving?

edited May 2016 in Help! with 2.0
Twine 2.0.1, Sugarcube 2.6.2

Sorry to ask such a basic question but after searching the forum and the Sugarcube doc I've come up empty. How do I remove the option for saving?

The game I made in Sugarcube 1 used:

But that doesn't work in 2.6.2.

Thank you!


  • SugarCube 2.x's Save menu option's ID has been change to menu-item-saves, if you use that instead of menu-saves then your code should work.

    The HTML structure documentation is one good place to obtain information about SC2's HTML.

    note: At the time of this posting the documentations appeared to be slightly out of date, TheMadExile has been informed of this and I am sure he will correct it shortly.
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