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Samurai Quest v0.1 Alpha

edited May 2016 in Workshop
Samurai Quest is a text-based melee game that is about a samurai who must reclaim their home village that has been taken over by bandits and oni. Armed with only a katana you start off on a mountainside just barely able to see the village, to entering and stopping the root cause of the take over.

Samurai Quest is unique as every choice influences enemies, paths and choices down the line as well as a persistent health system and a unique soul vessel mechanic that allows the samurai to heal after defeating enemies in certain ways.

The latest version of Samurai Quest v0.1 which is an alpha version of the game.
There are currently multiple endings in the alpha and in the full game will have hundreds.

Download Link:
v0.1 -

I look forward to hearing feedback and constructive criticism, or compliments.
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