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grunt-entwine-quickstart release

I have a first public release of a new tool called grunt-entwine-quickstart for you to try out. It's essentially a utility that works hand-in-hand with Twine 2 that will let you:
  • Create a single story from several story files, like StoryIncludes in Twine 1
  • Write CSS and JavaScript outside Twine
  • Add Twee code to a Twine story, or build stories entirely from Twee code
  • Use Git or other source control systems in conjunction with Twine
  • Build desktop app versions of Twine stories
I wrote up more details on my Patreon, but I'm happy to field questions here. This is a first release and although I tried really hard to make the documentation easy to follow, I'm sure there are places where it can be improved.


  • Great news !

    Although I am using 1.4 I will definitely check that out and see what cool features you brought us, thank you so much for your work klembot :)
  • Ah, this looks very cool. As someone who has been using Dan Q's Twee to Twine 2 converter, I think this could be useful (the mobile app builder would be a very welcome addition!).
  • So I decided to have a look at this, and having some issues I'm afraid! First off, the link on the project page to the project folder seems to be dead (404 error). I figured I just needed to download via the downloads link on the left hand did that, followed instructions to the point where I'm supposed to run grunt setup via the cmd prompt in my project folder, but the process was aborted due to the error 'could not find your twine directory.' I also got a warning which stated 'Task "setup" not found'.

    Not sure where I've gone wrong to be honest! :)
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