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Stuck in a room... now what?

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Hello! Or perhaps meow.
I'm new to this forum and based on what I've seen (I haven't seen much) it's about stories? I don't know, but I'll post this thing anyway.

This story is about a girl named Rachel. She's 16 years old, and well... she's stuck in this bare room (with no doors, mind you, and a speaker on the wall) and has absolutely no idea what she's doing here. What she also does not know is that we are watching her and can interact with her via you guys posting suggestions. You know. Such as we give her a chair to sit on (from her POV it appears magically next to her), or we talk to her through the speaker, and things like that. So to be honest it's not really a story, it's more of a interaction between us and a text-generated character.

I almost forgot to mention! Here's a picture of our new friend:

Anyone up for this?


  • MewMew
    edited July 2016
  • Say "Hello, Rachael. Wanna play a game?"
  • MewMew
    edited July 2016
    Rachel looks up. There's a green vent on the wall. And a voice is coming through it.
    "Hello. Your name's Rachel isn't it? Yes, yes it is. Good. Well, to business. Would you like to play a game?"

    Rachel blinks in surprise. "Who exactly are you?"

    "No one of your consequence. And if you're going to ask what you're doing here, I'm afraid I can't tell you now. But I repeat, would you like to play a game?"

    I don't even KNOW them
    Rachel thinks, but what she says out loud is

    "E- sure why not?" She pauses. "What did you have in mind?"
  • MewMew
    edited July 2016
    (So I was adding a little on to what you said, and I apologize about that. From now on what I'll do is quote one of the comments and then write Rachel's reaction to it, agreed?)
  • Say "There is a PS4 and a TV with Just Cause 3 if you want to play that.".
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