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Using Google Fonts in Harlowe

Hey! This isn't a question, just an explanation for posterity. If it counts as spam or anything, by all means feel free to delete or lock this.

Using a Google Font in Harlowe

1. Click the name of your story, next to the house/home icon.
2. Click 'Edit CSS Stylsheet'
3. Go to the Google Font you want to use
4. Look for the "@import url" section. In the new Google Fonts 2.0 , you can find it under the 'embed' tab.

Paste that bad boy into your Stylesheet at the very top. For example,
@import '';
Then, paste the following into your stylesheet right below it.
html {
	font: 100% 'Exo+2', sans-serif;
tw-story {
	font-size: 1.1em;

Replace 'Exo+2' and sans-serif with the listed items on that page for Google Fonts. It might be 'serif' for example.

The end result? You'll get something like this for Oswald:
@import url(;

html {
	font: 100% 'Oswald', sans-serif;

tw-story {


  • Why have you put this under the category off 'Help! with 2.0' when it's not even a question?
  • edited August 2016
    Probably 'cuz it fits the category as "assistance for problems working with Twine 2.0" and there isn't a tutorial section?

    Also, if you're a user trying to figure out how to use Google Fonts in Harlowe, this is the place you'll look. One of the most valuable sources of information on these forums is the threads of people who had a problem or question similar to yours and figured it out.
  • Generally in the past topics about how to do things have been placed within the Workshop category. One reason for doing so was that that particular category is used less often so topics placed in it don't disappear into the mess that is 'past topics' as quickly as it would in either Help! with 1.x or Help! with 2.x

    As far as I know the forum's Search feature is not restricted to a single category, so anyone wanting to find out how to do something would still be able to find a 'tutorial' topic within the Workshop category.
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