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Twine Accessibility/JAWS support

Rather than bringing back this old thread I thought I'd just ask anew: what's the state of JAWS support/accessibility support in Twine?

I'm running a game jam event - Audiogame Jam - to raise money for a UK-based charity for people with sight-loss and I was hoping that Twine games could be submitted. Has anyone here had any success with making an accessible Twine game?


  • note: I have not tested either of the Twine applications (v1.x or v2.x) nor any of the individual Story Format using the JAWS screen reader.

    As far as I know there has been little or no work done to the Twine applications to make them more accessible since that linked threat was last posted to.

    The only Story Format that I know of that has had some WAI-ARIA support added to it is SugarCube 2.
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