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history-backward hover color


I use

background-color: purple

and that changes toggle button color to purple when mouse is over it.

However neither

#history-backward: hover {
background-color: purple


background-color: purple

does not change color of buttons when mouse is over it.

What do I do wrong and how to do it right?


  • Try:
    #ui-bar-history [id|="history"]:hover,
    #menu li a:hover {
    	background-color: purple;
  • edited August 2016
    Oh, that works wonders, thank you. Can you also help me with saves menu?
    I'd like to turn save, save to disk, load from disk (and also delete and delete all when active) buttons to darkpurple and make them purple on hover.
    Thank you in advance.
  • The style rules you want are:
    #ui-dialog-body.saves button:not(:disabled) {
    	background-color: darkviolet;
    #ui-dialog-body.saves button:not(:disabled):hover {
    	background-color: purple;
    There is no color keyword by the name "darkpurple", however—the closest you're likely to get is "darkviolet", "darkmagenta", or "darkorchid". In the end, you may have to specify the color you want via RGB or HSL values. See: CSS color values (at: MDN).
  • Oh, yeah, thanks for your answers. Everything works perfectly.
    You made my day. I guess, I have no other way, than to go to patreon and increase my pledge a bit.
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