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Obsolete tutorials make Twine hard to learn

edited August 2016 in Chit-Chat
It's one thing to replace <<radio>> with <<radiobutton>>, but quite another to leave a dozen tutorials lying around telling you to do it the old way. What are the up-to-date reliable sources for usage information, and where did these devs learn to dev?


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    (This was originally a help thread, but I solved my own problem.)
  • The older tutorials are not 'obsolete' as such, they were just written for either a different Twine Application than the one you are using, for a different Story Format than the one you are using, or for an older version of the particular Story Format you are using.

    There are a number of different ways someone can create a Twine Story HTML file, two of them being the Twine 1.x application and the Twine 2.x application. It should be noted that the Twine 2.x application is not a progressive upgrade** of the Twine 1.x application, it is just another application written using a different programming technologies.

    ** A progressive upgrade is one that extends/enhances a previous version of an application.
    eg. Microsoft Office 2016 is a progressive upgrade of Microsoft Office 2013, where as Open Office Writer is not a progressive upgrade of Microsoft Office 2013 it is just another application that can edit Word documents.
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