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Using external IDE?

Is there any way to work with twine with each passage as a separate plain text file and compile it from the command line, like any other sane programming environment?


  • Some options you might find useful are tweego, if you're interested in using Twine 1, or entwine. Both are programs that will compile Twine stories from a command line.

    As a new member, I'd like you to consider the tone of your posts more carefully in the future. The way your question is phrased implies that you think Twine isn't a sane programming environment.
  • I'm not sure I'd describe having each passage in a separate file as "sane," but I've essentially done than with my Scrivener template. Scrivener already has a notion of a collection of text files containing single scenes, the proliferation of which it conveniently hides from you. I publish them from Scrivener into a single file which I then process with Twee2, but a truly determined person could set up a command-line pipeline for splitting and reuniting the files for use in an actual IDE.

    Scrivener has a free demo for NaNoWriMo (until December 7th), and I'm planning on getting my template up on my website in a few days. If anyone wants to try it out before then, feel free to message me.
  • mcdmcd
    edited October 2016
    Note that Twee2 does more of what you want than I originally realized, as mentioned in the thread split off from this one: Scrivener and Twee2.
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