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First Time Posting? Please Read

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Activation Emails
All new members are required to confirm their email address. If you haven't received the activation email, make sure to check your junk mail folder. If you still can't find it after 24 hours, please email forumactivation at twinery dot org from the address you used to register. Tell us in that email what the name of your account is and we'll take a look.

We are trying out a login approach that does not require email confirmation; however, your first post will still be held for moderation.

To prevent spam, messages posted by new accounts are held for moderation. Because of this, when you post a new topic, it won't appear in the message list. Approval may take several days. There's no need to re-post the same message.

Community Guidelines
Please make sure to read our Community Guidelines. They explain the rules you're expected to follow as a member here.

Asking a Question
If you have a question:
  • Make sure what you're asking is a question with a definite answer. The purpose of this type of discussion is for the original poster to be able to select a response that worked for them. A bad question: "What's the best ice cream flavor you can buy?" A good question: "When I buy an ice cream cone at a stand, my shirt ends up as a sodden, milky mess. What can I do to keep it from dripping all over me?"
  • Please do a search using the box in the upper-right corner to see if your question has already been answered in the past.
  • Use the "Ask a Question" button instead of the "New Discussion" button. Use the downward-pointing triangle button next to "New Discussion" to find it.
  • Please include as much detail as you can. In particular, if you're having a problem with how your story appears or behaves when testing or playing, include what story format you're using. if you're not sure but you're using Twine 1, it's probably Sugarcane. If you're using Twine 2, it's probably Harlowe.
  • Use a subject line that's descriptive. "Please help!" doesn't tell someone browsing the forum what you're asking about; "Not sure how to save progress between session in SugarCube does."
  • Finally, if someone gives you an answer that solves your problem, make sure to click "Yes" next to the prompt "Did this answer your question." That response then gets pushed to the top of the discussion, so other people who have the same question are able to find the answer quickly.
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