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A proofing format using Graphviz, and a Chrome issue

edited November 2016 in Chit-Chat
I made a proofing format for Twine 2 that uses a JavaScript implementation of Graphviz to automatically make a graph of your nodes (see the attached image); the source code is at BitBucket, and the story format itself is available at: This proofing format will be more fun than useful for most Twine 2 users, but it's helpful for me because I'm not using Twine 2 to do my editing (thus my nodes are not already laid out nicely).

This format was difficult to develop because it didn't work in my Mac versions of Twine 2, either built from source or downloaded from the twinery, but it did work in the online version at the Twinery (even in Chrome). The source version of Twine 2 for Mac lets me view the error, which turns out to be caused by a recent change in Chrome you can read more about at Stack Overflow, apparently triggered by my simple external script link. In short, Chrome is apparently "blocking the load of cross-origin, parser-blocking scripts inserted via document.write in the main frame on slow networks," except that I wasn't on a slow network; I was just in the Mac application. I had this problem even when the story format was already online. I can't build this particular external script into my story format's javascript, though that did solve the same problem when I had it with a different external script.

I don't necessarily need help with this problem, but I wanted to mention it because I hadn't seen it mentioned in the forums yet and I suspect it may cause difficulties in more cases than just mine.


{Edited for my being way too used to writing in Markdown.]


  • Wow ! very powerful! Thank you.
  • davduf wrote: »
    Wow ! very powerful! Thank you.

    You're welcome. I've tweaked it a bit since I first posted, but I still haven't quite solved the offline issues.
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