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A couple of niggles with Twine

edited November 2016 in Chit-Chat
There's a couple of basic, but very handy functions that appear to be missing when coding passages in Twine, and those are 'Ctrl Z' for undo and right-click 'copy/cut/paste'. I appreciate they are under the 'edit' link at the top of the window, but 'undo', at least does not appear to work.

I make a lot of mistakes when coding and not being able to undo something is proving quite problematic. So much so that I find myself copy/pasting blocks of code into notepad before I make any changes, just in case I need to revert back. Even this is a pain, though, as the only option is 'Ctrl C / V' or to use the links.

Is there a reason these functions are not there?


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