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Free MP3 Storage [not spam]

edited November 2016 in Chit-Chat
Not a question, for once. I thought I'd just share this free MP3 storage site for those people who don't like to bother setting up 'clouds' etc.

In my experience sites that store your MP3 and actually provide you with the direct .mp3 file that you'll need if your game uses audio and you're uploading to a site that only takes the html file of your game, are rarer than the proverbial rocking horse do-dah! 99% of the time these 'free' host only provide a link back to their site where the clip can be listened to - no good for our purpose.

Anyway, they're here: - no sign up or registration required.


  • Hey, this is neat. Thanks.
  • edited November 2016
    You're welcome. I posted it because, for whatever reason, it's almost impossible to find free hosts that provide a link to the file itself (unless you already have cloud storage or don't mind faffing about setting one up)

    The last time I wanted to do this I ended up using my brother's webspace becuase I couldn't find any free hosts.
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