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Twine Build Service

Hello all,

I am currently developing an online service that will take twine stories and turn them into apps (for the three main desktops OSes and also Android and IOS). It would be great if you all can offer some specific feature requests etc.

The build service is currently in alpha and I am looking for alpha testers who are interested in turning their stories into apps. For those who are interested, please email me at tale_me at microsofts's email service(outlook dot com). Currently only android and desktop are supported, IOS is still WIP because of Apple's policies.

Thank you


  • Hi!

    This is really interesting, I believe it would be a very helpful tool.
    I have a windows phone so right now I am not sure I would be able to help much with testing.
  • edited November 2016
    I don't mean actual device testing. By testing I mean helping to beta/alpha-test the builder i.e. for those who wish to turn their twine stories into apps and sell them online etc.
  • edited November 2016
    I don't really understand what you mean when you say 'turn them into apps'.

    Won't Twine games play on mobiles and tablets if you access them as normal through the devices' browser?
  • I'd happily try this. I had a very rough, but working, commandline process for this, but would happily use an easier one.
  • Jud_Casper wrote: »
    I don't really understand what you mean when you say 'turn them into apps'
    Well, I belief it's the same I was looking for the last days. ^^ Yes, you can run a twine game on the browser easily, but it would be nice if you could place it as an apk on Android Play Store.

    @falsum_sit_verum: Are you using PhoneGap/Cordova?

  • Have you looked into Firebase at all? Or would that be outside the scope of your service?
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