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Interactive Fiction Databases

I finished my first Twine game yesterday (A Fire Darkly: Chapter 1), and would like to list it on various IF databases, so that people can find it.

I know about IFDB, but that's it. Can anyone help me out -- what other websites (or blogs) are there where one can list their IF game? What about any other ways to spread the word?

Also, somewhat related -- how does one submit a game for consideration to the XYZZY Awards?


  • I can answer the second question: you don't. Games are nominated for the XYZZY Awards -- in the year following release. So your game could enter the ceremony in spring 2018, if enough people like it.
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    AFAIK there aren't a lot of databases out there for IF. accepts Twine games and has a pretty decent following. Adventure Cow also hosts Twine stories.

    You can also make an app version of the game for mobile distribution if that's something you're into.

    EDIT: I knew I'd seen an post about this topic as well, and managed to find it here. It provides some info on how to publish for various IF platforms.

    Just a note that "Inky Path" listed there is now defunct, but you can submit your work to sub-Q for paid publishing if you're interested--I was/am a part of both so hit me up if you have any questions about that.

    Best of luck on your first release!
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    You can submit Twine games to large, general gaming sites like -- just mark it clearly as IF so people don't go in expecting something else. The twitter for Twine also seems pretty active, so you can try catching their attention for free promotion. I've played several games through their tweets.
  • Right, and interactive fiction is even very popular on -- or for that matter Game Jolt, surprisingly enough. I didn't mention it because they original question was about promoting the game, not publishing it. But I guess making it available where people can find it counts as promotion.
  • Thanks for the answers, guys!
    Yeah, the game is hosted on my website, so I was talking more about places where I can link to it, or IF review blogs I can ask to review it, rather than places like that require uploading it to their site.
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