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Thor's Hammer

edited January 2017 in Chit-Chat
I'm just curious to see what people think of this. As it says on the first page, I made this for my step sister's birthday (today). She loves Marvel and she loves random, funny things. Thus, Thor's Hammer.


  • Cute - and very stylistically fitting. Very nice game so far. Harlowe, I guess? Since there's no UI bar visible :)
  • Correct. What's the UI bar? I haven't used anything other than Harlowe yet as the series I've started was originally in Harlowe.
  • Essentially the UI Bar is a bar on the left usually in Sugarcube - with buttons for backwards and forwards, restart game, etc.
  • Oh, ok. What are the advantages of Sugarcube vs. Harlowe for a beginning programmer?
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